Media Stacking

You know when you wish you had taken action on something that you didn’t but you still didn’t take that action even when you were given a second chance to do it? That is a situation I now find myself in.

Back in 2006 I thought about trademarking the term “media stacking” in relation to a service I was going to market which was going to consist of a multi pronged approach to bring people to a company website. I am no legal expert and I never really got past the idea stage. Once thing I know is that if I had done this I would have been able to market a “media stacking” marketing solution in the UK and no one else would have been able to promote under that name.

Saying this, the option to do this may well still be available but I am no longer at a point where offering a service like this would be of interest to me, perhaps some large marketing agency will take this action or perhaps the phrase will just grow in popularity and because household in the way it is used.
This term is appearing on more and more websites and becoming more mainstream every day, it is in refrence to people consuming several types of media at the same time.
Watchig the TV while surfing the web on a mobile phone would be an example of media stacking in this context.

Why did I feel as though this was something I should trademark or something I had any right to?

I used this phrase in this context in my dissertation sumbitted in 2003, the title of my work was:

“To test the unquestionable academic strenght of Borden’s (1964) twelve point framework as a generic marketing model in an ecommerce intense organisation”
I can find no record of the term been used in this way prior to this and of course there are electronic and hard copies of everything I submitted which I still cling to as proof.

The work was submitted in partial fulfillment of my MSc in Ecommerce, the section in question is below should anyone be interested in seeking out the origin of this term.


5.3 Push and pull

There is evidence of International Aviation utilising a classic push strategy to support a pull strategy. In the section of the interview describing advertising the interviewee discusses how the main aim of advertisements in the aviation magazines is to drive traffic to their website upon which is a complete brochure for download and lots of other product information. This strategy is making good use of new and old media as it is using the cheapest media to display the majority of information and the more expensive media [magazine space] to a lesser extent, however, the two media are supporting one another. This is example of a single promotional campaign running and across multiple channels all of which support one another. It is becoming more common for people to consume several types of media in a short space of time and pushing people to a website via more traditional media is becoming a standard. Watching the TV while on a laptop presents opportunity to push and pull at the same time, Internet radio consumed through same device you are using to browse websites would be an even purer example of media stacking.